Florida Hunt Club



Family Membership – this entitles the member and his/her immediate family to hunting privileges, use of the property and lodge on a year round basis. Immediate family shall include husband, wife, and minor dependent children or children in college.

Membership eligibility shall be at the sole discretion of the Club President. Any infraction of the club rules shall be sufficient grounds for termination of membership and forfeiture of remaining membership dues.


To provide members and their guests with a wholesome, high quality, family oriented outdoor experience.

To promote the management and harvest of high quality whitetail deer and wild turkeys.

General Hunting Rules:

1. Each membership will be limited to two people hunting on the property at any one time. Two people hunting together in the same stand location will count as one hunter, as long as, they stay together at all times.

2. Members are to strictly abide by all Federal, State and Local laws including all laws pertaining to hunting, firearms, and the taking of game animals.

3. Drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during any hunting or shooting activity will NOT be tolerated.

4. The use of motorcycles will be prohibited. If approved by the Club President, the limited use of utility vehicles and ATV’s will be allowed. Vehicles MUST stay on the main designated roads. At no time will driving on firebreaks or roads which are designated as “closed” be allowed. You can access these roads to retrieve any game you have harvested. Get your animal and leave quickly.

5. Driving of spikes or nails into any trees is prohibited.

6. Hunters shall use safety harnesses whenever hunting in elevated tree stands.

7. Club stands are provided on a first come basis.

8. Members are allowed three personal stands each. These need to be kept 100 yards apart.

9. Do not use another member’s personal stand, without their permission.

10. Before going out to hunt, hunters should indicate the area they intend to hunt using the map provided at the lodge. At the end of the day all pins designating hunting locations will be removed from the map.

11. When other members are on the property hunting there will be NO vehicular traffic allowed inside the property, unless you are retrieving your harvest.

12. Personal feeders are allowed.

13. All perimeter gates are to be kept locked at all times.

14. Pictures of your harvested are required to be forwarded to me.

Hunting Guest Rules

Members will be allowed to bring a guest to hunt under the following conditions:

1. Only one hunting guest per day per membership.

2. Members must be present with their guests.

3. Guests will be expected to follow all the rules of the club. Members will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.

4. Game taken by a guest of a member will count against that member’s annual bag limit.

5. Members will not be required to pay a guest fee.

6. Each membership can have no more than two people hunting on the property at any one time.

7. Your guest will be able to hunt in a separate stand location on the property.

8. You cannot bring the same guest more than 3 times during the calendar year.

Harvest Quota’s

Bucks - the first buck you harvest should at a least four points on one side and a spread at least outside the ears. Next buck you harvest will have to be larger than the last one you took. If you have a child, wife, or first time hunter you may harvest a six point buck for them on your membership, if it is their first deer to be harvested, in their life. You need to harvest at least one doe on your membership to keep the herd healthy. Don’t wait till the last weekend to do this.

Turkeys – mature gobblers only, no jakes.

Hogs - these may be hunted year round.

Annual Bag Limits

• Bucks – four per membership

• Antlerless deer – four per year. You are expected to harvest at least one doe on your membership.

• Turkeys - state bag limit.

• Hogs – no limit.